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 Read and understand English.
 Minimum 2 years cooking experience, preferably high volume.
 Food/Beverage Service Worker Permit, where applicable.
 Meet minimum age requirement of jurisdiction.
 Ability to communicate effectively with the public and other employees.
 No employee will pose a direct threat to the health/safety of self or others.

 CUSTOMER SERVICE: Meet service quality standards that affect guest satisfaction; respond to
guest questions or problems in a timely, professional manner.
 WORK HABITS: Meet the resort standards for work procedures, dress, grooming, attendance, and
punctuality; report to work and return from breaks on time; give advance notice when absence is
anticipated; require typical amount of supervision; accept work assignments without complaints.

 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Accept opportunities to learn new skills, improve performance or
cross-train for other resort positions; solve routine problems that occur on the job; ask questions
when not sure how to complete something; learn new skills as quickly as most others in the same job.

 SAFETY AND SECURITY: Be alert to hazards and responsible in carrying out resort’s safety,
security, and emergency procedures; suggest ways to improve safety conditions that reduce or
prevent accidents and injuries; participate on safety committee or other special projects for safety;
actively seek and report potential security risks or hazardous conditions.

 FOOD/BEVERAGE PRESENTATION: Prepare and arrange food or drinks that are attractive and
appetizing to the guests; receive few complaints about the food served; inspect food being served;
meet service standards.
 FOOD/BEVERAGE PREPARATION: Use only quality foods and ingredients; thoroughly wash food
and prepare according to standards; accurately estimate cooking times; test foods to ensure quality;
assembles attractive food items; amount of waste and spoilage is acceptable; prepare food according
to guest specifications.

 SANITATION: Follow recommended procedures for handling and storing food supplies in order to
control food-borne illnesses and food spoilage; maintain sanitary personal hygiene; maintain local
health department standards and receive a passing score on inspections.

 FSLA: Follow new overtime policy and procedures. Clock in/out daily for schedule and lunch. No
overtime will be permitted without the prior consent of the GM or AGM. Must complete the weekly
labor progress report and ensures employees adhere to it.

 Constantly. Maintain work areas clean and organized.
 Constantly. Monitor the presentation and portioning of food according to standards.
9/28/16 Cook
 Constantly. Monitor the quality and consistency of all food served from the lines.
 Constantly. Report all unsafe conditions immediately.
 Constantly. Set up, restock, maintain and clean food preparation areas.
 Frequently. Display knowledge in sanitation and sanitary food handling.
 Frequently. Ensure the special of the day is completed in a timely fashion.
 Frequently. Prepare food in accordance with working menus, recipe cards and photos.
 Occasionally. Attend all mandatory meetings.

 Frequently. Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor to include cross training.



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