Myrtle Beach Highland Games and Heritage Festival

A new and exciting event is making its way to Myrtle Beach this year: the Highland Games and Heritage Festival! The inaugural highland games and festival will saunter into Myrtle Beach clad in tartans and bagpipes on March 18th and 19th. Read More

2017 Announcement: Topgolf Coming to Myrtle Beach!

It’s official, Topgolf is coming to Myrtle Beach! This premiere golf entertainment company is still in the first stages of presenting their plans to the Myrtle Beach Community Board, but they plan to make Myrtle Beach their next home and residents as well as visitors are excited for this new edition to the already bustling beach town. Read More

Why Golfing in the Winter is Great for Your Wallet

Golfing is an age old past time that almost everyone has tried. Tried is the key word, because golf takes practice and Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to put your irons to use. Read More

Spring Myrtle Beach Golf Deals

Spring is right around the corner and we are excited to offer these great packages we have available for early booking, at the lowest rates possible! Read More

Myrtle Beach Named Top Golfing Destination

Myrtle Beach has long been considered the golfing capital of the United States and last week, USA Today bestowed another honor on the city by naming it their “Top Golfing Destination” as voted on by USA Today readers. Read More

Norman Course at Barefoot Landing

Myrtle Beach celebrates golf so there’s no surprise that a player like Greg Norman, who won 89 professional tournaments during his career, has a course dedicated to him at Barefoot Landing. The Norman Course, as it’s called, is known as the toughest of the four courses offered at the complex. It’s long, it’s challenging, and it’s a grind. Read More

Three Best Holes at Pine Lakes

Known as “The Granddaddy,” Pine Lakes is the oldest golf course still in operation in Myrtle Beach. Originally built back in 1927, the course has undergone a 15 million dollar renovation and has returned to being one of the best courses in Myrtle Beach. Read More

Golf Package Spotlight: Prime Time Rewards Package

Whether you’re looking to book a late spring golf trip to Myrtle Beach or perhaps an early fall trip, there’s no better way to golf in Myrtle Beach than booking through a golf package. Read More

Course Spotlight: Prestwick Golf Course

Hidden from view off route 544 in Myrtle Beach near Surfside Beach, Prestwick Golf Course features one of the best layouts at the beach. The challenging Pete and P.B. Dye design is one sure to impress with numerous holes that could be consider for the best 18 holes along the Grand Strand. Read More

Myrtle Beach Golf on a Budget

Whether you’re coming to Myrtle Beach specifically for a week long golf vacation with the guys or your enjoying some family time while also wanting to play a few rounds, there are numerous ways for golfers to save money. Read More

Answering the Golf Question “Where Should I Play?”

One of the most frequent questions we get when golfers are looking to book in Myrtle Beach is what courses should I play? This is a bit of a complicated question and one that takes some understanding of the golf scene in Myrtle Beach to truly explain. Read More

Course Spotlight: River Hills

Nestled in Little River, South Carolina, River Hills doesn’t come with the brand recognition of some of the other courses in Myrtle Beach. Opened in 1989, the course has undergone very little transformation over the years other than the occasional moderate change of a tee box here or there. Read More

Winter Golf Provides Discounts for Myrtle Beach Golfers

Hitting the golf course in the winter may not be possible in northern towns but in Myrtle Beach, it’s one of the best seasons to hit the links. The cooler weather makes it easier to play more than one round and the temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees in the afternoon, making it almost the perfect temperature to play. Read More

Top Five Attractions For Myrtle Beach Golfers

Myrtle Beach has grown a lot over the past 20 years to the point where golf vacations no longer have to be just about golf. You can enjoy your time on the course then enjoy your time off the course as well. Read More

Three Best Holes at Long Bay Golf Club

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, Long Bay has consistently ranked amongst the top courses along the Grand Strand ever since its opening in 1989. With deep bunkers and many fairway long waste areas add to the challenge of this course. However, there are three holes that will remain etched in your memory as you walk off the 18th green. They are listed for you below. Read More

Most Underrated Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Courses like The Dunes Club and Caledonia get a lot of attention in the Myrtle Beach golf scene because of their history and overall value. However, they’re also two of the most expensive courses you can play along the Grand Strand. The good news that there are more undervalued courses out there that you can play at a fraction of the price and have just as much fun. Read More

Best Accommodations for Golfers

Oceanfront efficiencies and suites are great for family vacations when relaxing on the beach is the ultimate motive. However, those rooms are often the most expensive offered by each resort. For golfers, staying in a crisp, clean, and simple room for less money is much more attractive than the expensive oceanfront views. Read More

The Best Finishing Holes in Myrtle Beach

In sports, finishing is really the name of the game. There’s something unique or divine about that last moment of a game or the last hole on a golf course. The 18th hole in Majors on the PGA Tour has broken many hearts and yielded immortality to mere mortals. How you finish on the last hole can certainly make or break around. Read More

Myrtle Beach’s Best Par 3’s

Par 3’s are the simplest holes on the golf course. Yet, they’re often the holes that can spoil a round if a player hits a poor tee shot. Due to their simplistic nature, golf architects tend to get creative when designing par 3’s, which leads to not only some difficult shots but some breathtaking views as well. Read More

Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Snowbirds

Winter sets in the snowbirds begin to head south, and Myrtle Beach has been one of their favorite destinations for years. The Grand Strand experiences pretty warm weather during the winter months, especially when compared to some of the northern states that see snow and freezing temperatures by October, and there are many stylish oceanfront vacation homes, apartments and condos to choose from. Read More

The Best “Driverless” Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

For most golfers, it’s easy to yank the “big-stick” out of the bag on a 400-yard par four and try to blast it down the fairway leaving only a wedge into the green. But is this really the best way to play every hole? That depends on the various factors that we all take into account when we approach the tee box. For some Myrtle Beach golf courses, it may be better to leave the driver in the bag and take a fairway wood or even a three or four iron off the tee. Read More

Historical Pine Lakes Golf Course Is a Modern Challenge

At some point during your round at Pine Lakes, you’ll pause, take a look around and realize that you’re playing one of the best courses in Myrtle Beach. Read More

Three Best Holes: Waterway Hills Golf Course

Waterway Hills is a truly unique experience for the casual Myrtle Beach golfer. From taking the skytram from the parking lot over the Intracoastal Waterway to the clubhouse, you’re immediately immersed in beautiful golfing landscapes. From the right, you’ll see an aerial view of the daunting first hole that runs parallel to the Intracoastal Waterway. Read More

Vacation Myrtle Beach Spotlight: Sea Watch

If you are staying in Myrtle Beach on your next vacation and you love the sea then you’ll be extremely happy with the Sea Watch Hotel. Read More

Three Best Holes: Myrtlewood’s Palmetto Course

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Myrtlewood’s Palmetto course is perfect for any group of golfers looking for a leisurely fun round on a course that gives more than it takes. With wide, gently sloping fairways, Palmetto provides golfers with plenty of shot-making opportunities. Read More

Unique Additions to Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

You probably didn’t head out for your Myrtle Beach vacation thinking you would need your vehicle serviced, you’d undergo a hair emergency, or that you’d forget Aunt Linda’s birthday. But, these things do happen, even on vacation. Luckily, the VMB Card you received when you checked into your Myrtle Beach hotel has you covered. Besides receiving discounts on food and fun, you can also save on some more unique services that might come in handy. Read More

What’s Most Important in a Golf Course?

Think of the most majestic, beautiful, and serene golf course you can imagine then ask yourself, what’s most important in a golf course? The majority of players will come back with the same answer of exquisite grooming or perhaps ocean views, similar to what we see whenever the PGA tour heads to Pebble Beach out in California. But, to us there’s more to a golf course than what meets the eye. So, here’s a list of what we find most important in a golf course. Read More

Best Restaurants For Myrtle Beach Golfers

Whether you want to indulge in a delicious meal before a round or after, Myrtle Beach has plenty of tremendous dining options no matter what you’re craving. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of restaurants that are in close proximity to some of Myrtle Beach’s best golf courses Read More

Myrtle Beach’s Best Golf Courses For Kids

For most families, a beach trip is part relaxation, part fun, and part stress over the cost of all the food, attractions, and shopping that occur over the course of a casual seven day stay. Thankfully, 48 of Myrtle Beach’s golf courses are trying to give back to the families that spend their hard-earned money here at the beach by allowing junior golfers (defined as 16 years old and under) to play for free during the summer months. Read More

Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Golfers

Golfers flock to Myrtle Beach for good reason. The area is home to more than 100 golf courses, many created by famous golfers and course designers. Get your game on with a special golf package from one of these Myrtle Beach hotels: Read More

Golfweek Ranks Eight Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Among Top 15 in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of America’s most golf rich states, and much of its bounty can be found in the Myrtle Beach area. Read More

Top Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Myrtle Beach is a golfer’s dream, and with over 100 courses to pick from, choosing where to play first can be a daunting task. Narrow it down by booking a tee time at one of these top-ranked courses. Read More

Golfweek Recognizes 7 Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

As spring dawns, various top 100 course rankings hit newsstands and Golfweek, like its peers, has recognized several Myrtle Beach golf courses as being among the best. Read More