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4 Things You Need for a Fabulous Myrtle Beach Military Family Reunion

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Article provided by Stephanie Bates, blogger at Military Travel Mama

Military FlagFamily reunions are even more important if we’re talking about military families, whose members are serving in the Army and are oftentimes deployed and away from home. Keeping in mind all the difficulties military families are experiencing due to constant deployments, gathering the entire family for a reunion once a year or once every 2 years sounds like a really daunting task.

But, with 14 resorts to choose from and a whole team of friendly reservations staff at hand to help, Vacation Myrtle Beach will assist you in finding the perfect accommodations no matter what size family reunion you are planning. Plus, they have a full-service catering team ready to help with larger family reunions that may require a banquet set-up, with options ranging from light luncheons to full-service dinners.

In order for everything to work out properly and for everyone to be satisfied, one has to plan every detail of the event. There are many factors that you should take into account when planning for a memorable and enjoyable military family reunion in Myrtle Beach: projected budget, time frame, number of relatives attending, agenda of the event, banquet space (if needed), dining options and more.

Besides time, these are some of the things you’ll definitely need for organizing a successful military family reunion in Myrtle Beach.



Myrtle Beach FamilyEven if we’re talking about organizing a dozen people or 50 relatives, you’ll definitely need to recruit some help from within the family.

Since family is separated and is most likely living in the different parts of the country (or even the world), it’d be awesome if you could get help from relatives living with the other branches of your family.

This is going to be crucial when planning for an adequate budget and when scheduling the time and a place for the event. Keep in mind that, as a military family, you’re privileged to a military discount, even if you’re just planning for a relaxing weekend in Myrtle Beach. Vacation Myrtle Beach offers an additional 5% discount on accommodations at all 14 of their awesome oceanfront resorts.


Online Bulletin Board

Everyone can build sites or boards nowadays. If you’re handling lots of people and are inviting many relatives to the reunion in Myrtle Beach, it’s going to be rather hard for you to keep everyone in the loop.

Creating simple groups on social media, or bulletin boards and granting access to everyone involved is a simple hack that you’d want to resort to in these situations. It’s recommended for you to ask certain authorization or acknowledgment from the people involved, just to make sure that they read and are up-to-date with all the updates regarding the event.

Military Traditions

You’re a military family after all! If your husband or brother are service-members, chances are big that somebody else in the family was serving or is currently serving in the military also.

Therefore, you’ll need to spice everything up by applying and practicing some military traditions. If nothing else, it’d be nice of you to order a batch of custom made challenge coins from Embleholics. They would serve as a nice souvenir on a memorable time spent with the rest of the family.



Banquet Set Up For Military Reunion at Beach Cove ResortGood reunion planning calls for a good agenda that is tailored per everyone’s needs, interests, and budget. Vacation Myrtle Beach makes this planning process easy with tools and resources needed to plan the perfect group trip.

When you book with Vacation Myrtle Beach you will also receive a VMB card that will provide discounts for over 100 participating restaurants, attractions, and entertainment venues around Myrtle Beach. You can also check out the Explore Myrtle Beach section of the website for ideas on places to go and things to see in Myrtle Beach.

Many resorts also offer banquet set-up and delicious on-site catering options if you have a large enough group looking for some options right at the property.

Make sure to research all the attractions and activities in the area and make a programme of a proposed itinerary that is publicly available for everyone in the family to see, comment, and possibly amend even before the actual trip.


Have Fun!

Of course, don’t forget to have fun and make some unforgettable memories that you’ll take home with you. Because military family reunions in Myrtle Beach are really where memories are made.

To learn more about your Group Travel needs in Myrtle Beach, check out the Groups Information Request form here.


Stephanie Bates


Stephanie Bates, blogger at Military Travel Mama, is a military spouse and travel and food blogger.

She's lived in nine homes in the past ten years due to Uncle Sam and has been blogging since 2009.


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