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American Idol Auditions Coming to Myrtle Beach

By Julia Woehrer Follow me on Google+

Do you love singing? Do you dream of being on a talent television show? Then you are in luck!

The American Idol Bus Tour auditions will be coming to Myrtle Beach on July 17. Held throughout the day beginning at 9 a.m. show producers will be near the Boardwalk and downtown area of Myrtle Beach at 8th and 9th Avenue North.

Officials are expecting a large turnout and those looking to audition should arrive early in the day in order to get a spot in line to get registered.

Myrtle Beach is one of multiple stops on the East Coast for the American Idol Bus Tour including Portland, Maine, Columbus, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia.

American Idol requires certain items to audition, so be sure to bring them along with you. These items are two forms of identification that show proof of age and your photo. So, you could potentially bring, for example, your birth certificate (which shows proof of age) and your driver’s license (which shows your image).

Plus, you will want to fill out the Personal Release prior to arrival so that it is ready to turn in when you get to the audition site. If you are a minor and you will be lining up to audition without your guardian or parent, you will need to have your form notarized plus have an additional form filled out.

When you arrive, you will get in line to turn in your paperwork and show your required forms of identifications, then you will be allowed into the audition line, however, registration does not guarantee that you will get a chance to audition due to time constraints.

If you play an instrument, you will be allowed to bring it along and play it (if you get the chance to audition). For during you time waiting in line, you are also allowed to bring banners, blankets, small bags, cell phones, bottled water and sunglasses. However, there are certain items not allowed at the auditions including folding chairs, video cameras, lawn chairs, backpacks, coolers (except for medical purposes) and cans or glass bottles.

Be sure to check out the American Idol website to download your forms today and be sure to book your room in Myrtle Beach so you will be refreshed and ready for your audition! Good luck and have fun!

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