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Top 10 Beach Tips for your Myrtle Beach Vacation

By Samantha Norton Follow me on Google+

Whether you come to Myrtle Beach every year or you are bringing your family for their first-ever beach vacation, we have a list of useful tips for making your Myrtle Beach vacation that much more enjoyable. If you do a little planning ahead, these tips can help you have a smooth vacation.

1. Aloe Vera

Sunburn can be inevitable for some, so be prepared with aloe vera. Put the bottle of aloe vera in the fridge when you arrive at your hotel. Cold aloe feels much better on sunburns than warm aloe!

2. Ziploc Bags

These come in handy keeping your cell phone dry and clean at the beach. It also comes in handy for storing money in case you want to buy a frozen treat or beverage and don’t want your money to be soggy.

3. Family Portraits

If you want your family portrait taken on the beach, it is good to book your photographer before you arrive and to have outfits for the whole family planned out and packed. A lot of families choose white linen shirts or solid colored polo shirts paired with khakis.

4. Child’s Information

It’s always a good idea to carry updated information on your children in case the unthinkable may happen. This should include a recent photograph, name, age, height, weight, scars and any other notable features. 

5. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets looped on your belt loop can help keep some bugs away if you are out at night.

6. Baby powder

Baby powder can help take the sand off if it sticks to you, so that you don’t track it with you into your room and get it in your luggage or other belongings.

7. Grocery bag

Bring an extra empty grocery bag for fast and easy clean-up while at the beach. Just toss your empty cans and wrappers into the bag and put the entire bag in the trash when you leave the beach.

8. Single-serve snacks

Single-serve snacks, whether purchased separately or packaged by you into smaller baggies, can help keep sandy hands out of the communal chip bag.

9. Ice

When putting ice in your cooler, separate some into a Ziploc bag. That way you can add them to your drinks and the cubes won’t get dirtied up with sand. And, if you have an ice-maker in your freezer in your suite, then you can make extra ice to stock up on for the days you go to the beach.

10. Water

If you want to save money, fill up water bottles before you hit the beach and buy individual powdered drink mixes. That way everyone can have their own flavor and you don’t have to buy juice boxes.

Wondering what your packing check-list should include? We’ve compiled a beach vacation packing list too! Book your next Myrtle Beach vacation now!

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