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Best Holidays in Myrtle Beach

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

What are the best holidays to spend in Myrtle Beach? It’s a question that might seem like it has a simple answer given how many people come here for Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day, but when you weigh all the options there are a few holidays that would top our list and they’re just the ones you might expect.

St. Patrick’s Day
There are dozens of St. Patrick’s Day events, parades and more that go on across the Grand Strand area and leave the streets lined with green. And adding to everyone’s enjoyment of this holiday is the fact that the weather in March in Myrtle Beach can be absolutely wonderful and the room rates are low during this “off-season” time of year.

New Year’s Eve
There are few things better than ringing in the New Year at the beach. You have a choice of so many different things to do with New Year celebrations and parties going on up and down the coast and it seems like new ones are added every year! It might not quite be beach weather in January, but the mild Myrtle Beach winter weather means that even if you’re ringing in the New Year outside, you won’t be too cold. And with several resorts holding their own parties, like Captain’s Quarters, if you want you don’t even have to step outside the hotel at all to celebrate the New Year.

Memorial Day or Labor Day
These holidays mark the beginning and the end of the summer season and either one of them is a great time to come visit Myrtle Beach. In May, the weather is just getting warmed up and in September its beginning to cool down so you don’t have to deal with as much of the intense mid-summer heat. You can comfortably lounge on the beach or at the pool all day.

These are our favorite holidays to spend in Myrtle Beach. What’s yours?

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