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Empire Fire Mongolian Grill

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Vacation Myrtle Beach partner Empire Fire Mongolian Grill offers a unique style of eating that lets you choose a fresh, healthy meal that’s packed with flavor and fun.

In ancient Mongolia, warriors sliced meat with their swords, then cooked it over the open fire on their upturned shields for a satisfying meal after a hard day of battle. Today, after a long day of battles on the golf course, against the waves on the beach, or visiting as many Myrtle Beach attractions as possible you can enjoy dining in the Mongolian style at Empire Fire.

Step up to the cold bar to choose from dozens of fresh ingredients. Eating low carb? Meat lover? Pick a healthy selection of fresh meats and seafood. Low-fat or vegetarian? A bright, crunchy array of vegetables is laid out for the choosing. Finally, top it off with your favorite sauce, whether you like it sweet, spicy, or savory.

Now, the fun begins! Watch the chef cook your meal on the giant grill using a huge pair of chopsticks. In just two minutes, fresh, custom ingredients cooked to perfection fill your bowl for an unforgettable dining experience. And, since you choose your own ingredients, you can design a meal that’s truly your own and that satisfies any craving or dietary need.

There are also traditional, American options for those who are less adventurous or those who need a break from the Mongolian flavors. Enjoy a salad bar, pizza, sushi, appetizer bar, steak and rib bar, as well as dessert and ice cream.

Located conveniently close to Myrtle Beach resorts Beach Cove and Ocean Creek, Empire Fire Mongolian Grill also offers VMB guests ten percent off when they show their Myrtle Beach discounts card.

Empire Fire offers unlimited returns to the cold bar so you can experience Myrtle Beach dining with Mongolian flair with every flavor combination that appeals to you.

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