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FAQ: What Do I Need to Pack For My Vacation?

By Megan Burke Follow me on Google+

Vacationers often ask us what they should bring with them for their Myrtle Beach vacation, and while there are lots of things you should bring the good news is that there are plenty of places to purchase anything you might have left behind. So don’t worry but try to follow the below list of our recommended “must-pack” items.

Kids in towels in Myrtle BeachClothes- As much as you might want to wear your bathing suit 24/7 while on vacation you do need to pack some clothes and under garments.

Bathroom items- You can purchase anything you might need in the bathroom if you forget it, but you should try to remember to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shaving items, etc.

Bathing suits and towels- You’re going to be spending a lot of time on the beach and at the pool so bringing multiple bathing suits is a good idea. That way you can let one suit dry while you wear the other one. Same goes for towels. No one wants to use a damp towel or put on a damp suit. We recommend you bring at least 2 suits and 2 towels per person.

Sunscreen and aloe-You need to protect yourself from the sun and you’ll want to make sure to pack sunscreen in order to do that. Aloe is also a good idea for in case you overindulge in the sun a little bit, but it also works well to help maintain your beach tan and rehydrate your skin in general.

Wallet- There are going to be lots of things that you’ll want to do and places you’re going to want to go besides the beach and, generally, those items will not be included in the cost of your stay. So make sure to bring credit or debit cards as well as some cash.

So long as you pack these 5 items you’ll be in pretty good shape. But if you want some more ideas for items to pack, including some that you might not have thought of otherwise, read our Myrtle Beach Packing List blog and our Top 3 Beach Trip Items You Might Not Think to Pack blog.

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