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How to Get the Lowest Myrtle Beach Resort Prices

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“How much is it to stay at your resort?”

The most important question for anyone searching for their perfect Myrtle Beach resort prices.

Looking for the best Myrtle Beach resort accommodations doesn’t have to be a headache, as long as you follow important guidelines that will help you find the lowest rates on rooms to make your Myrtle Beach getaway low priced and stress-free.

Below are essential recommendations for anyone looking for the best Myrtle Beach resort prices:

Number of Guestsfamily running in the waves

Every room has its own standard occupancy and maximum occupancy, ranging from rooms for two to units that can accommodate much larger groups like multi-bedroom condos and penthouses. To get the most accurate rates, be sure to include all of the guests that will be staying with you, including yourself, when you perform a room search. The following search results will display the most precise rates, as well as the unit types that are best suited for your group. From there, you’ll easily be able to locate the accommodations that will fill all of the check boxes for your stay.


Selecting Your Getaway Dates

The time of year can have a large influence on Myrtle Beach resort prices no matter how big or small your group may be. Summer months may have different rate options than fall months or spring months, so how should you take advantage of these fluctuating seasonal rates? Consider taking an off-season vacation. During the off-season rates are normally lower than they would be during the summer, allowing more leeway in terms of cost and even room availability. The Myrtle Beach off-season generally runs from the beginning of fall to mid-spring. During this time the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller usually resulting in lower occupancy and lower rates--we’ll touch on this later.


Finding the Perfect Room Type

Once you’ve decided on which Myrtle Beach resort you’ll be staying at, it’s time to select the room type where you’ll make new vacation memories. You’ll find room types ranging from spacious condos to cozier one bed suites. Typically, larger condos will set you back more than smaller unit types. However, selecting a larger unit type, like a three-bedroom condo or a four-bedroom condo has its fair share of perks. Take for instance these Myrtle Beach resorts that can sleep up to 10, which include multiple bedrooms, full kitchens with cooking appliances, and plenty of space to relax and unwind. Not in need of a larger unit? Don’t worry, there are plenty of accommodating one bedroom suites that include generous amenities.


Booking Early & Lower Occupancy Dates

Myrtle Beach resort rates will vary based on demand and occupancy, but booking date is also a crucial influence on rates. Booking early is one of the top ways to receive the best deals. You’ll also want to Keep in mind with the time of year you’ll be visiting. Booking during seasons with lower occupancy normally results in lower rates, as demand for rooms is lowered. Selecting a room during lower occupancy dates may also result in more available room options, giving you and your guests a larger selection of beachfront accommodations to choose from. Lower occupancy dates are typically early weekdays, Sundays through Wednesday nights, and during the off-season months.


Flexible Travel Datesfollow our recommendations for the best myrtle beach resort prices

Sometimes, it pays to have flexible travel dates. Flexible travel dates allow our on-site reservation agents to find you the best deal on an oceanfront room, keeping your wallet heavier and your vacation worry-free.


Book a Promotional Offer for Your Stay

A fantastic way of saving money and finding the right Myrtle Beach resort prices for you is by booking a resort deal or special vacation package. All of our resorts offer generous resort packages and special offers for guests including seasonal offers, property-specific deals, and other signature specials like spend five nights, get two nights free. The only problem you’ll have? Selecting the special that is perfect for you. Specials and offers may be available for a limited time, so if you find an offer you, like be sure to book it as soon as possible. You may also want to perform a general date search to compare specials and packages so you can gauge which deal will suit your stay and your wallet.


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