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Medieval Times Offers Great Value for Myrtle Beach Guests

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Myrtle Beach features a laundry list of to-do items, which makes it tough for the average guest to decide what to do during their vacation.  When you only have a week to spend here on the Grand Strand, it can be tough selecting what shows to take your kids to and where you’re going to shop.  Picking the right attractions is certainly important and we can safely say you and your family will have a blast at Medieval Times!

While so many attractions promise family fun none of them truly deliver the value that Medieval Times offers.  Not only are you treated to a two hour time warp back to the middle ages but you are also treated to a feast fit for a king, literally.  For the carnivores out there, your meal consists of tomato soup, garlic bread, an entire oven-baked chicken, a BBQ rib, a potato wedge, and desert!  If you leave here hungry then you might be superhuman.  Vegetarian dishes are available as well.

Where Medieval Times excels is in the post-meal entertainment which pits each section (represented by a different color Knight) in a tournament against one another.  Each knight will battle through various tests until they reach the jousting portion of the evening. 

From there, the battle begins with one knight pitted against another knight beforth the King in a winner-take-all tournament.  Each section is urged to cheer on their knight as they battle through incredibly realistic sword fights featuring real 11th century weapons!

The night ends with a battle between the winning knight and an intruder from another kingdom who is trying to extort the princess. 

Overall, Medieval Times offers a delicious feast, some of the best live entertainment in Myrtle Beach, and plenty of frothy ales to go around.  We give it five frothy ales out of five!


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