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Myrtle Beach: Beach Etiquette

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Spending the day at the beach can be fun for everyone! If it is your first time vacationing in Myrtle Beach, you may want to review these tips before hitting the sand.

1. Music: If you decide to bring a radio with your or play music from your phone, be sure to keep it at a proper noise level so as not to bother beach-goers who are nearby. Better yet, pack some ear buds so you can listen to your music as loud as you want to!

2. Sand: Sometimes it’s fun to dig a hole in the sand to search for shells, gather sand for a sand castle or to bury (safely of course) your friend. But, if you dig a deep hole (more than a few inches) be sure to fill it up before you leave. Someone walking or running on the beach, especially at night, may not see the hole and can risk twisting their ankle. In fact, you can get fined in North Myrtle Beach if you dig a hole deeper than a foot and do not fill it up.

3. Umbrellas: We all like to stake our favorite place in the sand with our umbrellas or tents. Try not to block anyone else’s view of the ocean by setting up right in front of them and don’t leave your umbrella up if you are leaving the beach. Also, make sure that you do not block the line of sight of the local lifeguard. Don’t set up in front of them or at an angle that would block their view. When you arrive at the beach be aware of where the high tide line is and setup behind that. If you set up a beach tent, be sure that it is not more than 12 feet by 12 feet and 9 feet tall. By law you have to set it up at least 10 feet away from other tents so emergency personnel can get through if need be.

4. Trash: Bring a plastic bag to throw your trash in while at the beach and throw it out in a city bin as you leave. No one wants a dirty beach! Let’s keep Myrtle Beach clean!

5. Dunes: When walking to the beach in Myrtle Beach don’t walk over the sand dunes. Be sure to use access bridges and walkways so as not to disturb the natural beauty of the dunes.

By following these tips you will have a more enjoyable, fun and safe experience during your vacation in Myrtle Beach! Book your vacation now so you can start planning your beach getaway!

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