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Salute Military Golf Association at Monday After the Masters

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Each year wounded veterans make their way to Myrtle Beach with the Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) for the annual Monday After the Masters.

Retired United States Army Specialist – Flight Medic Justin Davis served in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time of duty he suffered traumatic brain injury, which caused brain tumors to form. As a wounded veteran, he finds that SMGA has been a great help in the healing process. We recently spoke with Davis, founder of Putts4Patroits, following his first trip to Myrtle Beach for Monday After the Masters.

Vacation Myrtle Beach: How did you originally get into golf and how did you get involved with SMGA?
Justin Davis: I played golf before my injury and then found SMGA thru a Golf Digest article and got involved; it was the best rehab I received through my entire stay at Walter Reed.

VMB: How has SMGA helped you as a wounded veteran?
JD: Being able to be part of a group of guys with the same experience and who have been in the same horrible places as me.

VMB: What’s your favorite thing about golfing?
JD: It is very relaxing and being outdoors for an entire day is great after being in the hospital for such a long time.

VMB: What’s your favorite part about Monday After the Masters?
JD: It was amazing to meet all the people involved and all the celebrities and the House of Blues was great to see the concerts and mingle with friends.

VMB: Do you know how many wounded veterans participated this year?
JD: 8 came down and 3 of us played.

VMB: Why do you feel that it is important for wounded veterans to be able to participate in this event?
JD: It just shows the support Darius and everyone has for vets that have gone to combat and fought for our freedom

VMB: What other things do you like to do while in Myrtle Beach?
JD: Since this was my first time, I just kinda went by the events that were scheduled, but I would love to come back and play some more golf and see some of the attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

VMB: What sorts of other SMGA events have you attended in the past?
JD: Lots of Pro AMs and tourneys that we get invited to

VMB: What would you say to encourage other veterans to participate in SMGA?
JD: Yes if there is anything I would say, it’s get involved. It is great company and great fun!

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