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The Top Reasons to Stay at Captain’s Quarters

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Captain’s Quarters Resort is the Vacation Myrtle Beach featured resort of the month. It’s a spectacular place and one of the few Myrtle Beach resorts that caters as well to families as it does to single adults.

But, if that isn’t enough to entice you to stay there here are the top reasons people will want to stay at Captain’s Quarters.

1) Ship Wreck Lagoon
This water attraction is one of the best in Myrtle Beach. It’s located on the oceanfront and has a wrecked pirate ship for children to play around, complete with water cannons and more! There’s also rain umbrellas, water buckets and leaky barrels. Captain’s Quarters is one of the only Myrtle Beach hotels with a water wonder land sure to keep kids busy for hours!
The water park is also located right next to the resort’s regular outdoor pool, meaning families can all gather in the same area and be content and safe.

2) Level 6 Entertainment Center
Sometimes Myrtle Beach vacation goers need a little break from the sun. And the Captain’s Quarters bowling center offers that and more. There is a complete bowling alley located right on the 6th floor, and it’s one of the few hotels in Myrtle Beach that has that. In addition to the bowling alley Level 6 also has an arcade as well as a bar with food and drinks.

3) Oceanfront Dining
There are several dining options located right inside this exclusive Myrtle Beach hotel.  Vista Nine serves up a beautiful breakfast with a view every morning, and both the Level 6 Bar and the pool bar can serve up lighter fare that’s sure to please hungry pool goers or bowlers. And, located just a few steps away from Captain’s Quarters is the Locko Gecko Restaurant, a new addition to the resort in the summer of 2012. All of these dining options are sure to please vacationers who have worked up an appetite.

4) Salty the Shark
Captain's Quarters is the vacation home for Salty The Shark, the friendliest shark in Myrtle Beach. Salty has been a frequent visitor to this Myrtle Beach hotel ever since he saw the Hula show from the sea and decided to swim in for a closer look. Salty visits the resort often during the summer, to the delight of many children and you can keep an eye out for Salty’s next visit to the resort on the Captain’s Quarters events page.

Do you really need any more reasons to book now?

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