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Vacation Myrtle Beach Resorts Go Green for Earth Day and Beyond with Special Events & New Initiative

By Julia Woehrer Follow me on Google+

Earth DayFrom collecting trash on the beach to environmentally-themed movies and “green” gifts, Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts has a variety of activities planned for Earth Day, April 22. Many of the company’s 14 resorts, three of which hold the prestigious Green Award from TripAdvisor, will showcase their green initiatives in addition to hosting fun activities for guests throughout the day.

“Our properties are looking to embrace green practices on a daily basis, not just on Earth Day,” said Matt Klugman of Vacation Myrtle Beach. “We want to work together to make our world a better place and we hope to show our guests specifically what we’re doing by showcasing our efforts on April 22 while also hosting fun events.”

Some of the Earth Day events at the resorts include the distribution of seed packets to guests of The Caravelle Resort as they check in or check out on April 22. At Sea Watch Resort, guests can dine on “dirt pudding” during a showing of “Captain Planet” in the resort’s Palmetto Room at 1 p.m. on Earth Day.

Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark, located on the south end of Myrtle Beach, will host a trash competition until 4 p.m. among guests and employees. Each participant will be challenged to collect five pieces of trash from the beach and deposit them in a trash bin at the front desk in exchange for a small prize. “This will bring both our guests and employees together for a singular cause,” Klugman said. “Picking up trash is such an easy thing to do to help this Earth Day.”

Crown Reef guests will also be able to catch Dr. Suess’ The Lorax movie at the Palmetto Ballroom at 1 p.m. where there will be Earth Day cupcakes and pudding dirt cups served as a snack. Following the movie there will be a Lorax-themed craft for the children.

Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts are undertaking a variety of environmentally-friendly initiatives beyond Earth Day, resulting in The Caravelle Resort, Landmark Resort and Ocean Creek Resort receiving the prestigious Green Award from TripAdvisor.

Ocean Creek Resort, for example, has implemented limited service, which involves a less-wasteful daily service for the rooms, while still supplying full service to guests upon request. Housekeepers only replace used towels and used amenities, such as shampoo or conditioner, rather than replacing unused items each day, resulting in reduced energy consumption and waste. Crown Reef Resort is setting up recycling bins in the back office to implement staff recycling on a regular basis.

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