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Vacation Myrtle Beach’s Favorite People to Follow on Social Media

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Here at Vacation Myrtle Beach, we keep active on various social media sites including Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are the top 3 interesting people/places/businesses from each site that we like following. We suggest you check them out too!


This is the Twitter account of Maya T. Prabhu, who is the city reporter and Sunday editor for Myrtle Beach’s daily newspaper, The Sun News. She is a great person to follow if you are looking to stay in the loop with Myrtle Beach news happenings.

If you like hearing about Myrtle Beach weather and if you are a running addict, you will love following meteorologist Marla Branson, who works at a local TV station, covering weather for WMBF News.

You may see the Visit! newspaper at your hotel when you check in. It offers information about the area and a calendar of local events. If you can’t find a copy or aren’t in the area, following them on Twitter to stay up-to-date on local happenings is a great way to prepare for your Myrtle Beach vacation!


Patricia Stout
Listing her location as “The good ole SOUTH,” Patricia Stout is a fun Pinterest user to follow. She has boards such as “My Dream Beach House,” “Tropical Beach Art,” and “My Travels and Tips,” she is a good variety of boards ranging in topics.

B-Inspired Mama
This business account features 129 boards covering a variety of topics and providing moms with ideas for crafts, recipes and more. From “Learning Fun” to seasonal boards like “Valentine’s Day for Kids,” this account is one to follow if you have kids and are ever in need of fun ideas!

Vicky from Mess for Less
Vicky provides families with ideas for anything practical! She includes boards that center around kids’ crafts, organization, and recipe ideas. With 79 boards to browse through, you won’t get bored!


If you enjoy looking at pictures of the ocean combined with striking colors and interesting persective, then you will want to follow Nimbus Grand Strand Surfing. This local account captures beautiful images along the waters of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand. They often feature close-ups of surfers and waves rolling over as they head towards the shore.

Jennifer captures fleeting moments wonderfully in her Myrtle Beach photography. She often posts photos of sunsets or pictures of when the clouds and the angle of the sun are just right, creating photos that are within the moment.

If you like to look at pictures of tasty cupcakes then you will want to follow Cupcakes by Cravinley’s. This Myrtle Beach cupcake shop posts photos of some of their tastiest treats like Reeses and Tiramisu cupcakes. Their photos may just make you want to drive down here and start your Myrtle Beach vacation early, just so you can have a cupcake.

Who are your favorite people to follow on these social networks sites? Leave us a comment here and let us know. We’ll check them out!

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