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VMB Card Spotlight: Midtown Bistro Part Two

By Samantha Norton Follow me on Google+

Here is part two of my Midtown Bistro spotlight, click here to check out part one!

Now to my favorite part…the food! I did my homework like a nerd and had already checked out their extensive menu online to prep myself and scout out some unique offerings. My game plan was to come in prepared but I wanted my server to recommend their favorites and the “house” specialties or what Midtown is known for.

Mikey recommended the Stuffed Banana Peppers to kick my meal off and boy am I glad he did! You get three huge banana peppers each encasing a full Italian sausage, not ground either! The banana peppers are covered in the house tomato sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.

Mmm this dish is hearty and there is plenty to share, but you probably won’t want to. They are kickin’ with some heat, but not to the point of making your eyes water. It takes a lot to keep me quiet for an extended period of time, but I tucked into these peppers with gusto, while Mikey made entrée suggestions. While I wanted to lick my plate clean, I held back for the sake of continuing my tasting journey. (I know what a hard knock lunch)

Midtown has a wide array of soups (which they are known for), salads, sandwiches and entrees. After much discussion and me scolding Mikey for not having tried the most unique sandwich on the menu, but the other server Kyle cheerfully joined the conversation.

My eyes kept going to Nanny Jenny’s Pepper and Egg Sandwich, I love the concept of breakfast dressed up as lunch. Kyle let me know it was his absolute favorite thing on the menu and I was sold. It was a yumfest in my mouth! Each sandwich is garnished with a black olive and gherkin pickle; I can appreciate the small touches. The sandwich is served on a fresh bakery bun, but what’s between the bun is the rock star. Three eggs folded into a perfectly cooked omelet, topped with generous amounts of asiago cheese, which in my opinion the asiago  cheese is the center of attention and taste maker! The sandwich is finished with a pepper mayo and lettuce and tomato. Frankly, I could eat that sandwich every day and I may or may not have dreamed of it since eating it.

Midtown Bistro has nightly features and nightly a la carte specials for $4.99 and $5.99, they can feed any budget.

Check-out Midtown Bistro the next time you are in Myrtle Beach, it has the Samantha stamp of approval and bring your VMB Card along, you get a free t-shirt with your order of $25 or more.  Check-out all of the other great deals you have access to with your VMB Card!

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