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VMB Card Spotlight: Midtown Bistro Part One

By Samantha Norton Follow me on Google+

If you have never had the pleasure of dining at Midtown Bistro, I must say you are missing out. I was given the opportunity by Jeff the owner to come in and try some of their delicious and unique menu items and as a first timer, I don’t think it will be my last. One of the things I immediately loved, is Jeff the owner, is not only the chef, but also the fisherman. Jeff has a commercial fishing license and personally catches and prepares each seafood dish.

When I walked in I immediately thought, chic and upscale but also warm. The walls are adorned with  local artisan, Terry Brennan’s craftsmanship. At first glance the pieces resemble painted wooden sculptures, but upon closer inspection are much more. The artwork is salvaged odds and ends forged together to create an oceanic master piece. My favorite is a guitar and helmet perfectly combined to resemble a buluga whale, ingenious!

I walked in and headed straight to the hand tiled bar top and was greeted openly and upbeat by Mikey a key player in the outstanding service I received. He was well versed in Midtown’s offerings and deftly maneuvered his bar patrons as well as served a table seated in the dining area. Mikey was full of knowledge about the owners and the business itself and genuinely likes his job which says more about the restaurant than good food would by itself.

I was alone which can be awkward when dining out, but I was immediately befriended by two regulars who were overflowing with praise for Midtown Bistro. Dick and Donna Tremmer said, “This place has outstanding homemade desserts and don’t get us started on the wonderful garlic bread, we could eat here every night, Jeff outdoes himself on the nightly specials!” (More on the nightly specials later)

I’m always much more inclined to eat somewhere that is endorsed by “frequent flyers” and trust me this place keeps them coming back. While I sat conversing with Mikey about different menu selections and what he would consider Midtown’s specialties, the phone rang constantly with customers trying to get reservations for the night. Dining Tip: Reservations for dinner are highly recommended, the place fills up fast!

I almost don’t want to share this next bit of information with you, as I hope to utilize it often, Midtown has happy hour 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. SEVEN yes seven days a week! In this tourist town that is a rarity. Trust me I am a happy hour savant. Their specials include:
• $3.00 House Wine
• $2.50 House Liquor
• $2.25 Domestic Bottle Beer

If you know of a more generous happy hour than this, share with me in the comments! I was on the clock, so I didn’t partake, but don’t feel bad for me, my crystal ball tells me a Midtown Bistro visit is in my future.

Click here to read part two featuring my meal!

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