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VMB Partner Spotlight: MagiQuest

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

MagiQuest Myrtle BeachPut a little magic in your Myrtle Beach vacation at MagiQuest, the world’s largest live-action game. Located near your Myrtle Beach hotel at Broadway at the Beach, this attraction is one of Myrtle Beach’s most popular, and is fun for all ages. Take your wand in hand and get ready for entertainment and adventure!
MagiQuest is a magical role playing adventure that takes players through multiple levels. As players progress through the game, they take on various quests, using a magic wand to solve challenges and mysteries. Players can choose where they go and what they do in the game, such as striking up alliances with magical creatures, learning from ancient wizards, waging war against goblins and dragons, or even dueling other players.
Players receive a magic wand before entering the enchanted kingdom. That wand, which is marked with magic carvings and can be fitted with a magical topper, then becomes your key to interacting with and controlling the game. Your wand remembers you by name and “learns” your character. It becomes a record of where you have traveled and what you have accomplished as a MagiQuest participant.
Play as long as you like, then take your wand home with you. Every time you revisit MagiQuest, bring your wand along so you can progress further in the game, master new skills, and solve more challenges. You can also use your wand at other MagiQuest locations.
MagiQuest players can play individually or in groups, and space is available for private parties. VMB cardholders can upgrade from a Classic Wand to a Dragon Wand simply by showing their card--a $4 value.
MagiQuest is a great addition to any family Myrtle Beach vacation. If the children on vacation with you enjoy video games but you want to get them to look up from their phones or game systems for a bit what could be more perfect than MaqiQuest?

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