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Assistant Chief Engineer

Job Description

This job description provides a basic guideline of the duties, responsibilities and requirements of this
position. The frequency codes assigned in the job description are: Rarely (less than 1%); Occasionally
(between 1% and 33%); Frequently (between 34% and 65%); and Constantly (between 66% and 100%).



 Read, write, speak and understand English fluently.
 Resort HVAC systems experience of 3-5 years.
 Refrigeration HVAC certification or journeyman level experience.
 Previous management or supervisory experience of 2-3 years.
 Working knowledge of electrical, mechanical, life safety systems, preventative maintenance systems
and all related engineering disciplines.
 Basic computer skills, administrative skills.
 Ability to communicate effectively with public and other employees.
 No employee will pose a direct threat to the health/safety of self or others.


CUSTOMER SERVICE: Deliver the best service, quality and value to every customer, every time.
Maintain customer satisfaction as the driving philosophy of the Resort. Personally demonstrate a
commitment to customer service by responding promptly to guest needs. Commit to satisfying every
guest. Ensure staffs, including all new hires, are trained to meet standards. Empower Engineering
staff to deliver customer service by encouraging and rewarding responsive guest assistance.


Manage department within budget. Accurately forecast expenses.
Assist in preparing annual department budget that accurately reflects the department operation plan.
Analyze financial and operating information on an ongoing basis in order to adjust labor, supplies,
materials and other costs to achieve budget. Ensure department staff is trained in control procedures
as outlined by Internal Audit, and that these procedures are consistently followed.


Manage people according to Legacy (VMB)’s values. Manage human
resources functions including recruiting, selection, orientation, training, performance planning and
evaluation, pay and recognition programs to maintain a skilled and motivated workforce. Maintain a
positive, cooperative work environment between staff and management. Emphasize training and
development as a way of doing business in order to empower employees to successfully perform their
jobs. Help to develop management talent by acting as a mentor for direct reports. Resolve employee
grievances fairly and timely. Ensure employees fully understand their performance standards, review
process and reward success. Manage safety program to protect guests and employees and which
meets OSHA requirements. Use ongoing safety plan to minimize worker’s compensation claims.


Maintain physical product standards by routinely inspecting the entire Resort to ensure
that all F.F. &E. is in proper working condition and departmental supplies are stocked at proper
levels. Complete work orders on time and within budget. Justify request for capital projects using
ROI and/or the needs of the business as impacted by the department. Maintain cost-effective
preventative maintenance program. Maintain accurate filed for all inspections, licenses and contracts.
Manage security procedures and proper key control.


Follow new overtime policy and procedures. Clock in/out daily for schedule and lunch. No
overtime will be permitted without the prior consent of the GM or AGM. Must complete the weekly
labor progress report and ensures employees adhere to it.
9/28/2016 Assistant Chief Engineer – Non-Exempt


 Constantly. Assist in administering outside engineering vendor contracts.
 Constantly. Assist in establishing, implementing, maintaining preventative maintenance schedule.
 Constantly. Assist in monitoring and controlling parts and labor expenditures.
 Constantly. Assist in selecting, training, supervising, developing, disciplining, and counseling
employees according to Legacy (VMB)’s policies and procedures.
 Constantly. Communicate with supervisor regarding all aspects of engineering operations.
 Constantly. Demonstrate positive leadership characteristics, which inspire employees to meet and
exceed standards.
 Constantly. Direct and maintain all record keeping process and systems.
 Constantly. Ensure all life systems are operational and meet all requirements.
 Constantly. Fulfill risk control duties as assigned.
 Constantly. Implement safety, EPA, HazCom procedures in department.
 Constantly. Inspect and document physical plant, equipment, hazards, systems, and general
engineering operation.
 Constantly. Maintain work areas clean and organized.
 Constantly. Maintain documentation.
 Constantly. Promote employee empowerment.
 Constantly. Report all unsafe conditions immediately.
 Constantly. Respond to all life system alarms.
 Frequently. Assist in prioritizing all work requests ensuring handling of guest problems, staff
problems and inner Resort challenges.
 Frequently. Complete other duties assigned by supervisor to include cross training.
 Frequently. Order and receive all supplies, materials, maintain all purchase orders, budgetary data.
 Frequently. Perform in the capacity of any position supervised.
 Occasionally. Assist in conducting performance appraisals.
 Occasionally. Attend all mandatory meetings.


 SITTING: Frequently. Chair with back.
 STANDING/WALKING: Frequently. Stairs, tile, rubber mats covering tile, linoleum, concrete,
padded carpet, marble, gravel, etc.
 CROUCHING (BEND AT KNEES): Occasionally. Lifting, completing tasks performed at low
levels, putting supplies and materials away.
 KNEELING/CRAWLING: Frequently. Perform plumbing repairs, carpet repairs, follow up on
 STOOPING (BEND AT WAIST): Frequently. Reading gauges and meters, lifting light objects,
putting supplies and equipment away.
 TWISTING (KNEES/WAIST/NECK): Frequently. Perform electrical, plumbing and other repairs.
 CLIMBING: Frequently. Ladders, step stools, stairs.
 BALANCING: Frequently. Climbing ladders, scaffolding, stairs, carrying tools and equipment.
 LEG/FOOT USE: Rarely.
9/28/2016 Assistant Chief Engineer – Non-Exempt
 REACHING (OVERHEAD/EXTENSION): Frequently. Performing repairs, retrieving supplies and
materials, updating shop board.
 HANDLING/GRASPING: Frequently. Tools, power tools, materials, turning nozzles, turning
faucets, etc.
 FINGERING/FEELING: Occasionally. Performing repairs.
 PUSHING/PULLING: Frequently. Average weight: 5 - 100 lbs.; occasionally. Maximum weight:
Equipment weighing up to 100 lbs.
 LIFTING/CARRYING: Frequently. Average weight: 5 - 50 lbs.; occasionally. Maximum weight:
Equipment weighing up to 150 lbs.
 TALKING IN PERSON: Constantly. Public, guests and employees.
 TALKING ON TELEPHONE: Constantly. Public, guests and employees.
 OTHER SPEECH REQUIREMENTS: Occasionally. 2-way radio and pager.
 HEARING IN PERSON: Constantly. Public, guests and employees.
 HEARING ON TELEPHONE: Constantly. Public, guests and employees.
 OTHER HEARING REQUIREMENTS: Occasionally. 2-way radio and pager
 NEAR VISION: Constantly. Corrected to 20/40 for repairs, administrative tasks.
 FAR VISION: Constantly. Corrected to 20/40.
 DEPTH PERCEPTION: Frequently. Working with electricity, plumbing.
 COLOR VISION: Frequently. Electrical and pipe markings.
 FULL FIELD VISION: Constantly. Total performance of job.
 SMELL: Constantly. Detect potential hazards and odors.
with difficult situations/people.
 DEADLINES/SHIFT WORK/OVERTIME: Constantly. Meet deadlines as required. Meet multiple
priorities of business demands. Adjust to schedule changes, cover shifts on short notice.
 FLEXIBILITY: Constantly. Need to work a variety of hours, varied tasks under varied conditions.
 PACE: Constantly. Must change pace as business demands.
 HIGHLY REPETITIVE WORK: Frequently. Similar motions used to repair equipment.
 ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Constantly. Technical aspects, safety.
9/28/2016 Assistant Chief Engineer – Non-Exempt
ACTIVITIES PERFORMED): Constantly. Safety guards, short sleeve shirts, steel toed
boots/footwear, safety goggles, earplugs, gloves, inhalation devise, aprons, using proper lifting
techniques. Maintain security of work area and equipment while maintaining level of safety required
by Legacy (VMB)’s and OSHA.
NOISE): Frequently. Coil cleaners, liquid chlorine, alkyds, refrigeration gasses, petroleum, chillers,
pumps, etc., and machinery noises and vibrations.
 OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT/TOOLS/VEHICLES: Constantly. Use power tools, electric motors,
blowers, compressors, generators, power sweepers, vehicles, etc.

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