Caravelle Resort

Guest Services Supervisor

 Prior cash handling experience necessary.
 High School graduate or G.E.D. equivalent.
 7
th/8th grade math skills required.
 Ability to communicate effectively with the public and other employees.
 Read, write and speak English fluently.
 Six months Front Desk experience.
 Computer experience preferred.
 No employee will pose a direct threat to the health/safety of self or others.
 CUSTOMER SERVICE: Meet service quality standards that affect guest satisfaction; respond to
guest questions or problems in a timely, professional manner.
 WORK HABITS: Meet the resort standards for work procedures, dress, grooming, attendance, and
punctuality; report to work and return from breaks on time; give advance notice when absence is
anticipated; require typical amount of supervision; accept work assignments without complaints.
 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Accept opportunities to learn new skills, improve performance or
cross-train for other resort positions; solve routine problems that occur on the job; ask questions
when not sure how to complete something; learn new skills as quickly as most others in the same job.
 SAFETY AND SECURITY: Be alert to hazards and responsible in carrying out resort’s safety,
security, and emergency procedures; suggest ways to improve safety conditions that reduce or
prevent accidents and injuries; participate on safety committee or other special projects for safety;
actively seek and report potential security risks or hazardous conditions.
 FRONT DESK SUPERVISION: Maintain high morale for guest services shift; teach front desk staff
how to operate computerized reservations and resort management system; solicit suggestions or input
from other members of the front desk team; coach or counsel team members effectively; staff
consistently achieves standards for the department; discuss problems with employees as they come
up; understand the resort’s human resources policies and procedures; treat all employees fairly; use
appropriate staffing levels for work demand; promote resort service standards and policies.
 FSLA: Follow new overtime policy and procedures. Clock in/out daily for schedule and lunch. No
overtime will be permitted without the prior consent of the GM or AGM. Must complete the weekly
labor progress report and ensures employees adhere to it.
 Constantly. Answer guest questions and offer information and assistance.
 Constantly. Answer telephones.
9/28/16 Guest Services Supervisor
 Constantly. Check guests in and out.
 Constantly. Communicate with other departments to fulfill guest needs.
 Constantly. Maintain work area neat and organized.
 Constantly. Monitor reservations made and house count.
 Constantly. Monitor status of guest accounts.
 Constantly. Report all unsafe conditions immediately.
 Constantly. Update information in the computer systems as needed (i.e., post charges).
 Frequently. Act as Manager-On-Duty when assigned.
 Frequently. Answer all complaints and concerns that occur during shifts. If unable to handle, contact
department manager or MOD.
 Frequently. Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor to include cross training.
 Frequently. Verify all shift work and deposits.
 Occasionally. Assist in the training and development of new Front Desk Clerks.
 Occasionally. Attend all mandatory meetings.
 Occasionally. Call other resorts in area for room status.
 Occasionally. Follow checklist for required duties and timelines.
 Occasionally. Read, pass on log and communicate with previous shift.
 Occasionally. Run reports and complete them, i.e., high balance, cash basis, etc.
 Occasionally .Authorize credit cards and checks.
SITTING: Rarely.
 STANDING/WALKING: Constantly. At the front desk on tile or carpet.
 CROUCHING (BEND AT KNEES): Frequently. When getting supplies from cabinets, picking
things up from floor and loading the printers with paper.
 STOOPING (BEND AT WAIST): Constantly. Getting keys, supplies and doing paperwork on the
front desk.
 TWISTING (KNEES/WAIST/NECK): Constantly. Working with several people at once; watching
for guests; retrieving materials.
 CLIMBING: Rarely.
 BALANCING: Rarely.
 LEG/FOOT USE: Rarely.
 REACHING (OVERHEAD/EXTENSION): Constantly. Passing materials to guests over the front
desk counter.
 HANDLING/GRASPING: Constantly. Handling telephones, folios, files, supplies, keyboards,
grasping pens, telephones and credit cards.
 FINGERING/FEELING: Constantly. Computer keyboard.
 PUSHING/PULLING: Occasionally. Average weight: 5 lbs.; maximum weight: 20 lbs.
 LIFTING/CARRYING: Occasionally. Average weight: 5 lbs.; maximum weight: 20 lbs.
9/28/16 Guest Services Supervisor
 TALKING IN PERSON: Frequently. With guests, public and employees.
 TALKING ON TELEPHONE: Frequently. With guests, public and employees.
 OTHER SPEECH REQUIREMENTS: Occasionally. Using 2-way radios and pagers.
 HEARING IN PERSON: Frequently. With guests, public and employees.
 HEARING ON TELEPHONE: Frequently. With guests, public and employees.
 OTHER HEARING REQUIREMENTS: Occasionally. Using 2-way radios and pagers.
NEAR VISION: Constantly. Corrected to 20/40 for paperwork and computer work.
 FAR VISION: Constantly. Corrected to 20/40.
 SMELL: Constantly. Detect potential hazards and odors.

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