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FAQ: Beach Chair Rentals - North Myrtle Beach

By Megan Burke Follow me on Google+

Beach professionals and beginners alike certainly have preferences on how they’d like to spend a day on the beach. Some prefer to load the family up on beach towels while others enjoy bringing personal chairs and umbrellas. If neither of those alternatives suit your fancy, why not save the hassle of toting things all together and just rent equipment from the city? Beach chairs and umbrellas are scattered along the shoreline and are already set up and ready for you to enjoy! Many guests ask:

How can we use the beach chairs and umbrellas that are already set up?

All beach equipment available along the beach is rented through Beach Services. This service runs from late April through late October and provides umbrella and chair rentals in addition to traveling concessions to help you beat the heat.

Rates for rentals are as follows:

• Beach Chair (Full Day) - $10
• Beach Umbrella (Full Day) - $15
• Beach Chair (Full Week) - $60
• Beach Umbrella (Full Week) - $90
• Daily Combo (includes 2 chairs and an umbrella) - $25
• Weekly Combo (includes 2 chairs and an umbrella) - $150

The rentals are available from 9am in the morning until 5pm in the afternoon. Guests interested in setting up a rental can visit their website or call (843) 280-5684 for more information.

Why deal with carrying more than you have to? These rentals are particularly popular for older guests who might not want to carry heavy objects or families who tend to already have their hands full with toys and other popular beach items. Renting these beach items also takes care of storage and space issues that you might come across during your travels or when you return home. Let Myrtle Beach take the hassle out of your vacation with convenient rentals!


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