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FAQ: Can You Get Married On The Beach?

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Having a beach wedding is a dream for many and Myrtle Beach may seem like the perfect place t host your special day. The large array of accommodation options, family friendly environment, and pristine coastline make the Grand Strand a premier beach wedding destination along the east coast. But, many often ask...

Can you get married on the beach in the city of Myrtle Beach?

Well, like most things, the answer is more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no”.

Public Beaches
Commercially produced weddings are not permitted on the public beach. Non-commercially produced weddings are allowed on the public beach. Well, one might ponder, what is the difference between a commercially produced and a non-commercially produced wedding? A commercially produced wedding includes services that have been paid for like professional photography. An example of a non-commercial ceremony might be a small group where a certified acquaintance performs the vows and a friend takes pictures. Altars, chairs, and decorations are also forbidden along the beach during ceremonies. This can get confusing, so be sure to contact the city with any specific requests or questions you might have.

Private Beaches
Myrtle Beach does contain a small handful of private oceanfront lots and the city has no jurisdiction in these areas. This means that there are no restrictions on commercially produced or non-commercially produced wedding here.

If you were hoping for a large, outdoor beachfront wedding, consider a few alternatives before you start looking at other areas!
Public / Private Parks – Consider hosting your wedding at a public park to maintain the outdoor feel. Non-commercially produced weddings are permitted here with an approved facility use permit via the city of Myrtle Beach.
Oceanfront Resort / Hotel – Many of the Myrtle Beach area resorts and hotels offer spacious event facilities which offer scenic oceanfront views, enabling you to enjoy a beach wedding without the hassle of the salt and sand.
Unique Venue – Try something totally outside of the box by hosting your special day at one of Myrtle Beach’s more unique venues. Options include the Ripley’s Aquarium, plantation homes, the Apache Pier, and Brookgreen Gardens, to name a few.
North Myrtle Beach – The city of North Myrtle Beach is located just a few miles north of the city of Myrtle Beach and offers fewer restrictions on hosting beach weddings. North Myrtle Beach also offers plenty of convenient oceanfront accommodations for hosting your reception or guests while they are in town.

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