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FAQ: How Does Parking Work in Myrtle Beach?

By Julia Woehrer Follow me on Google+

Parking in Myrtle Beach

When you travel to Myrtle Beach via car, you may be wondering, “How does parking work in Myrtle Beach?”

Resort Parking

First, check with you resort or hotel to see what their parking regulations are. Some resorts that have limited parking may only allow for one parking pass per unit, while others may offer two or more; some resorts may also charge a small fee.

Second, if you are bringing a large SUV or van, or if you are planning on bringing a motorcycle or trailer, check with your resort for any restrictions. The resort will be able to give you the height of the parking structure and let you know if they are able to provide adequate trailer parking. Some resorts do offer a parking lot for trailers and other large vehicles. Additionally, some resorts allow motorcycles on the property, while others do not. If you are wondering about the regulations at a specific Vacation Myrtle Beach resort, click here, or head to our homepage and you can utilize our Chat Now feature for immediate assistance.

City of Myrtle Beach Parking

Third, make sure you know about city parking rules in Myrtle Beach. During the peak seasons, you can expect to find parking that is available during the day throughout the city and metered street parking and pay parking lots in certain locations. During portions of the off season, the city meters and lot pay stations are taken down and parking in many of these areas is free. However, if you choose to stay at a Vacation Myrtle Beach property, you won’t have to worry about parking to go to the beach since all of our properties are located oceanfront, so you don’t have to leave to enjoy the beach.

Here is some useful information on Myrtle Beach city parking if you do need to utilize it:

  • The city parking meters are in effect from March 1 through October 31 and are not active from November through the end of February.
  • Some of the meters are enforced beginning at 9 a.m. while others begin at 6 a.m., so check your particular meter to be sure.
  • If you have a Purple Heart Disabled American Veterans or Medal of Honor license tag, or if you have an official handicap hang tag, metered parking is free.
  • Depending on the meter you choose, you may be able to park there all day while others offer shorter parking periods. For the meters that allow all-day parking, you can choose to pay for the entire day, you can pay the hourly.
  • Be prepared with change if you are looking to rent a meter, you will also find some that allow you to pay with credit and debit cards.
  • Some city parking lots have a pay station, where you pay for your spot at a single machine in the lot. These take coins in addition to small bills, credit cards and debit cards. After you pay at the pay station machine, put the receipt in your car’s dashboard so it is visible to the meter guards.
  • You can also use the city of Myrtle Beach’s ParkMobile service, which allows users use their credit card to pay for parking by phone for small fee.
  • There are also numerous parking lots and one large parking deck near the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Many of these are privately owned and charge various pay-to-park fees.

If you need long-term parking, you can head over to the Myrtle Beach International Airport where they offer a Long Term Parking Log for $9 per day and a Credit Card Lot for $7 per day. Prices are subject to change.

Parking in Myrtle Beach can be stress free when you are armed with all the information you need!

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