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FAQ: What is the Weather Like in Myrtle Beach in the Winter?

By Megan Burke

family on beach in winterIn a word: Mild. In fact, many people make it point to schedule their Myrtle Beach stay during the off season because the weather is cooler, while the crowds are much thinner and prices are lower.

Average daytime highs in January and February, the coolest months of the year in Myrtle Beach, are 55-60 degrees, and temperatures dip down to the 40s at night on average. Some sunny winter days may see temperatures in the 60s or even occasionally the 70s, making it very pleasant to walk around, play golf, and enjoy area attractions--most of which are still open during the winter months.

Water temperatures in Myrtle Beach in December, January, and February hover between 50 and 55 degrees. The water is a bit too cold to swim comfortably, but many visitors still surf wearing a wetsuit or enjoy boating in the mild temperatures. Others choose to enjoy the indoor pool or heated hot tub at their resort.

Winter is not a particularly rainy season in Myrtle Beach, although the maximum average precipitation does occur in February. Rain in the area usually takes the form of widely scattered showers, so there’s rarely a day you must spend entirely indoors. In case of bad weather, there are plenty of museums, shows, shopping, restaurants, and other indoor attractions to enjoy.

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