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The Funplex Amusement Park Now Open Myrtle Beach - 2021

By DDehaan


On May 21, 2021, a groundbreaking new amusement park opened in Myrtle Beach!


The Funplex amusement park began construction in Myrtle Beach in fall of 2020, in addition to its 2 locations in New Jersey. Funplex is thrilled to bring even more family fun to Myrtle Beach!


The park is located at 1405 North Ocean Boulevard, between 14th and 15th Avenue right by the beach. 


The park will offer 7 amusement park rides that fit the beach theme of the area, while exciting visitors and locals alike. One of the most exciting rides will be the tallest flying jet ride in existence. This 360 degree, interactive ride is the first on the Northern American continent.


Do you have a rollercoaster lover in your family? This Funplex rollercoaster may just be the most talked-about coaster of the year. The "Fun in the Sun" rollercoaster will have a 360 degree vehicle set to spin in similar fashion to a hamster wheel.


Other ride names include the Hook and Slice, Sunny Day, Up and Overboard, and Hang Ten - certainly fitting to the down-by-the-beach vibe. 


Funplex will also feature the Off The Coast Beach Bar and Grill, with a beach bar-inspired menu: seafood, bar selections, beer, and tropical frozen drinks. This walk-up restaurant will be two-sided, serving families from far and wide.


On your next trip to Myrtle Beach, be sure to visit The Funplex for a revolutionary park experience!


View our exclusive tour of The Funplex here:

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