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The Aero Club | New in Myrtle Beach

By DDehaan


They don't call Myrtle Beach Golftown, USA for nothing!


The Aero Club Short Course logoThe latest addition to the Myrtle Beach golf greenery is The Aero Club short course. Located at 3101 South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, this golf course is on the south end of the Myrtle Beach International Airport.


The Aero Club is not just another golf course. It is a short course, meaning it is perfect for families, beginners, or those not looking to spend an entire day at a golf course. It offers Par 3 games, plus options for all ages to play. The Aero Club has modernized the game with music, tabletops and drink holders at each hole, and your favorite drinks served on ice.


Why The Aero Club? This unique golf course is named after the former Air Force base that used to be right here by the airport. Step inside The Aero Club for a look at some genuine Air Force memorbilia. 


There is so much to look forward to at The Aero Club. Night golf is coming soon, as well as food truck visits. Stop by at "the most fun place to play" in Golftown, USA!

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