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Top 7 Myrtle Beach hotel amenities

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

The best collection of exclusive Myrtle Beach hotels and resorts can be found at Vacation Myrtle Beach, and what makes these destinations so special? At every single one of these hot spots you’ll find ocean front pools, whirlpools and lazy rivers, free wi-fi and fully equipped exercise facilities, really the best of the best. So what more could you ask for? Well the answer is plenty; each resort offers its own set of unique amenities so you can tailor your vacation to exactly the type of fun in the sun you are looking for. 

Here is our list of the top 7 Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts amenities:

1.  Children’s Activity Programs – A few of these top family friendly resorts offer activities just for the kiddos, because they dread the sound of the fun zapping “I’m bored” just as much as you do. Kids can participate in pool games, sandcastle building, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, and much, much more, all while you are basking in the sun on the beach or enjoying a cocktail by the pool. These exciting programs are offered at The Caravelle Resort, hotel BLUE and Captains Quarters, among others.

2. Waterscapes– There are several water parks located on the Grand Strand but some resorts can give those parks a run for their money. These oceanfront poolscapes feature water cannons, mushroom waterfalls, sprays, fountains, even a wrecked pirate ship! There is enough splashing fun to leave both kids and parents squealing with delight. For more information check out the Landmark Resort, Captain’s Quarters and The Caravelle Resort.

3. Recreation Rooms – Most resorts offer some sort of small arcade and maybe even a putting green, but one resort takes on-site fun to a whole new level. At the Captain’s Quarters Level 6 is the place to be, featuring its own 20 lane bowling alley, pool tables, 2000 square feet of arcade games and a hopping bar that overlooks it all. So have a drink, shoot some pool or bowl a few rounds without ever having to leave your hotel!

4. Saunas – There is nothing better, after a long day of swimming and beach volleyball, than to sit in a sauna and let the soreness in your muscles melt. And at Beach Colony and Palace Resort, they know how you feel and make it easy to enjoy your ultimate sauna experience.

5. Pool Bars – A hotel restaurant is a very important amenity to look for but how about ordering lunch and a cocktail without having to leave the comfort of your poolside lounge chair? Now that is what I call service. Several Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts offer this convenience, such as the Landmark Resort and Beach Colony Resortl. The hotel BLUE even offers a swim-up bar like those found at resorts in the Caribbean, so order your favorite frozen drink without even having to towel off.

6. Onsite Sports – The Grand Strand is famous for its world class golf courses, so it comes as no surprise that most resorts include a putting green on their list of amenities. The Landmark Resort even has its own 9 hole putt putt course but what if you’re looking really looking to get your blood pumping? The Forest Dunes Resort offers easy access to a beautiful, scenic beachfront exercise trail. You could take a lesson from a pro at Ocean Creek’s exclusive tennis center or join a game on their beachfront volleyball court. And both the Beach Colony and Beach Cove resorts feature indoor racquetball courts. So no matter what athletics you’re into, there is a resort that offers something to get you sweating.

7. Indoor Pools –This one sounds a little basic but not every Myrtle Beach resort has an indoor pool. There are days here when it rains or is just too hot to spend the whole day outdoors and you still want to take a dip or swim a few laps. Resorts like the Forest Dunes and the Palms offer a place to splash even when there is no sunshine. hotel BLUE even has an indoor lazy river ride to help you relax the day away when you need to beat the heat and the Landmark Resort’s indoor pool even features a beautiful, large water fountain.

Everyone’s dream vacation is different and there is truly something in Myrtle Beach for everyone. So check out Vacation Myrtle Beach today to find that perfect resort that has everything you and your family are looking for.

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