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Why Soccer Lovers Will Have a Great Time in Myrtle Beach

By Megan Burke

Anyone can have a great time in Myrtle Beach but there are some things in Myrtle Beach that will especially appeal to someone who has an undying love for soccer.

Soccer ball and cleatPlaces to Play- Myrtle Beach is home to a wide number of soccer fields where anyone can kick the ball around or cheer on a random local game. There are several soccer fields at Grand Park at Market Common that are home to a number of recreation leagues as well as other pick-up soccer games, and Central Park in North Myrtle Beach has a number of fields that are used for soccer and other sporting events and there are plans to begin construction soon on expanding those North Myrtle Beach fields to allow even more play!

Places to Watch- It may be harder for soccer fans in many places to get the matches put on somewhere as easily as football games. But, being a tourist town, many bars in Myrtle Beach are used to putting on a number of different games to accommodate the many different sports fans who are vacationing from across the country and even the world. So just ask anywhere you are! But if you’re looking for a specific soccer fans atmosphere then you need to head to the Old Bull and Bush Pub where soccer takes over the screens on Sundays and any other day of the week, instead of American football.

Places to Buy- In addition to having easy access to the many different large sporting stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Myrtle Beach also has a few stores that specialize in carrying unique sporting merchandise and fan apparel.  Sports Fanatics at Broadway at the Beach carries a huge selection of fan items, Knarf & Kram Sports Memorabilia in the Coastal Grand Mall also has a wide array of items that any fan would love, and if you need somewhere soccer specific Soccer Locker located just south of Market Common and Myrtle Beach State Park on Kings Highway caters to local soccer fans and players.

Soccer lovers, like pretty much everyone, are sure to have a great time on a Myrtle Beach vacation.

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