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WonderWorks Home to New 6D Theater

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

In a sea of bright lights and fun attractions, it takes something truly remarkable to standout from the crowd.  After all, Myrtle Beach offers every visitor a laundry list of to-do items that’s nearly impossible to squeeze into a normal one week vacation.  However, WonderWorks has enhanced the value of their general admission ticket by adding a 6D Theater to their 2nd floor exhibit. 

While 3D has become commonplace in every town in America due to Hollywood’s fascination with the technology, WonderWorks offers an extra three dimensions that features rattling full-motion seats, high-quality surround sound, and other special effects that culminates in an amazing 6D experience. 

The theater seats a total of 12 guests with two rows of six all split equally around a large theater style 3D screen.  With 3D glasses in hand, guests are in for a thrilling five minute ride as they experience a free-falling skydiving opening, a bumpy rollercoaster, and numerous belly-churning moments. This summer’s movie of choice is ‘Canyon Coaster’ but other movies will be cycled through after Labor Day to help keep a fresh feel for those who visit Myrtle Beach multiple times each year. 

The best way to describe ‘Canyon Coaster’ is for five minutes you are given the opportunity to feel like Indiana Jones in the “Temple of Doom.” As the roller coaster dips under obstructions, misses falling boulders, hops a train, and nearly misses a deathly fall only to land on a new set of tracks, the guests will find themselves immersed in this 3D world.

According to Robert Stinnett, who’s the general manager at WonderWorks, the ride offers 2Gs of acceleration and 400 movements per second.  That doesn’t include several industrial sized fans blowing on you giving you the feeling of traveling at a high rate of speed despite the fact that you’re sitting relatively still inside a theater. 

However, the best part about this Myrtle Beach attraction is that it’s not another add-on.  It’s included in your general admission ticket to WonderWorks and can be ridden by every guest any number of times.  That is as long as you meet the height requirement and can handle being slung through some hard turns and several corkscrews before you reach the finish line of this 6D attraction. 

WonderWorks is home to over 100 amazing exhibits that will surely entertain every guest but this theater has drastically increased the value of a general admissions ticket.  With plenty of other fun-filled options, WonderWorks has found a way to bring something truly remarkable to Myrtle Beach and has done so without having to charge extra for the attraction.  That alone makes this wonderful science museum a must-visit during your vacation in Myrtle Beach.

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