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FAQ: What Is the Difference Between North, South and Central Myrtle Beach?

By Megan Burke

Map of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is typically categorized into three different areas along the Grand Strand: South, Central, and the North End.


Aside from the obvious geographical differences, these unique regions of Myrtle Beach have very different atmospheres, making for different vacation experiences. Though no matter the location, you’re never too far from great entertainment, attractions, things to do, and affordable Myrtle Beach resorts.


Learn more about the differences between North, South, and Central Myrtle Beach.


Myrtle Beach North End

The north-end of Myrtle Beach is generally referring to the area that is north of Highway 22. This area includes parts of unincorporated Horry County, as well as the towns of Briarcliff Acres, Atlantic Beach, and the city of North Myrtle Beach.

The area is very family friendly and is known for quiet beaches, tons of great restaurants, and less of a city feel than the other areas of Myrtle Beach. It includes one of the two Tanger Outlets in the area, Barefoot Landing, and “restaurant row” where there are a wide variety of restaurants along Highway 17 for you to choose from.

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South Myrtle Beach

South Myrtle Beach goes from Highway 501 South. The area doesn’t have a well-defined endpoint since the towns of Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach are sometimes included in this area. This area includes the Market Common district, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Myrtle Beach State Park, and many great restaurants.

This area appeals to all types of vacationers with popular shopping centers and destinations, like the Market Common and Family Kingdom Amusement Park, the area's only seaside amusement park. Travel a little further south to Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach; each are well-known family-friendly beaches.

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Central Myrtle Beach

Central Myrtle Beach includes the area south from where Highway 17 divides into Bypass and Business routes and goes to where Route 501 comes into Myrtle Beach. This area is jam-packed with things to do and places to go and can provide entertainment for everyone from families to golf groups.

From Broadway at the Beach to downtown Myrtle Beach with the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, there are hundreds of restaurants, tons of places to shop, a few different places you can ride amusement park-style rides, and that’s not even mentioning the miles of beachfront you can enjoy. The heart of the area’s vacation pulse, there is always something to do or something to see.

This area also includes the laid-back “Golden Mile” section of Myrtle Beach. This peaceful portion of oceanfront is populated with residential areas, beachfront homes, and some oceanfront resorts. Staying in this area will provide plenty of peacefulness to your stay without taking you too far from the excitement Myrtle Beach has to offer.

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You can’t go wrong no matter what area of Myrtle Beach you choose to stay in!

Learn more about the Myrtle Beach area here or check out the best resorts in Myrtle Beach here!

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