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Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse: Vacation Myrtle Beach Restaurant Partner

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse brings a different flavor and concept to Myrtle Beach, and is more than worthy of a night while you’re on your vacation.

To really understand the concept of the Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse you need a little background in what an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria is like.

A churrascaria is a Brazilian steakhouse. The word is derived from the Portuguese word ‘churrasco’, which is the cooking style, and is the Portuguese equivalent of the 'barbecue'. Typically its origin is in that of the open fireside roasts of Brazilian gauchos, or cowboys, from the Pampas region of southern Brazil.

In a modern restaurant such as Rioz, the meat waiters known as gauchos come to your table bearing knives and skewers on which are speared several kinds of meat that have been cooked on a rodízio or rotisserie. This is what you’ll experience when you go to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse.

The menu offers 15 different cuts of beef, pork, lamb, poultr and sausage served at your table by passadores. There is also a salad bar with fresh greens, piles of shrimp, salmon and fresh sushi, and a full liquor bar with a good cross section of wines. 

The meats are cooked slowly on skewers over a bed of wood charcoal, allowing the natural flavors to cook perfectly, while at your table you will find an assortment of fried bananas, polenta, cheese bread and freshly mashed potatoes.

Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse is located next to Broadway at the Beach on 29th Avenue North, close to the Palms Resort and only a short drive from Beach Colony Resort, South Wind on the Ocean and Forest Dunes Resort. You can get an idea how to get there from your resort with this Myrtle Beach resorts map.

Make sure not to forget to take along the Myrtle Beach discounts card you got upon check-in, which will entitle you to one free dessert per party of four.

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