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Best Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

With so many major golf courses in and around Myrtle Beach it is no wonder that there are also well over a dozen miniature golf courses in the central Myrtle Beach area. Each of these mini golf courses has been carefully designed on some sort of fantasy, and promises to deliver a fun time for all the family. Guests at Vacation Myrtle Beach resorts will find that choosing which is best is really a matter of taste and the player’s fancy at the time.

Lost Treasure Miniature Golf is located at 1705 Hwy 17 S and has some excellent reviews. The course starts off with a train ride to the top of an artificial mountain and takes the players through caves, waterfalls and some tricky holes. It is described as being worth every penny of the $8.80 fee.

Jungle Safari Golf can be found at the junction of 71st Ave North and Kings Highway, close to the Carolina Winds resort. As the theme of this mini golf course suggests, you’ll be playing close to some life sized Big Game, such as elephant and giraffe. Jungle Safari is a VMB partner, so take along your VMB Card to claim your discount.

If you fancy playing mini golf in Peter Pan’s Never-Never Land, make your way to Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf, which is located at 2205 N. Kings Highway and is close to the Palms Resort. There are two courses here, and you’ll be playing through caves and secret caverns. Be careful not to get too close to the crocodiles! Pass through the giant smoking skull at your own risk if you dare. Your VMB Card will entitle you to a discount of $1 per person per round.

You don’t need much imagination to predict the setting of Jurassic Golf, which has two 18-hole courses, the Predator and the Ice Age. The former is quite challenging, with uncomfortable lies and rolling hills, and here and there are animated dinosaurs. Playing the Ice Age takes you through twists and turns and through holes filled with fog and water. This course is close to the Palace and Landmark resorts and can be found at 2900 South Kings Highway. This is a VMB partner, so take along your card and claim your discount.

Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Golf is a good course to play if you have younger kids since it is simple and fun. But this is not a course for people with weak knees though, as it ends up with a climb up 5 floors then down again. There are actually two 18-hole courses here, with a 19th hole where if you hole in one you are rewarded with a lifetime’s free golf and a photograph posted in their Hall of Fame. Mt Atlanticus is located at 707 N Kings Hwy.

Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf has two 18-hole mini golf courses to choose from, the Captain and the Skipper. The course is located at 3301 South Ocean Blvd. and is close to the Ocean Creek resort. When playing this course you’ll need to steer clear of streams and waterfalls, fish and whales, and to keep a lookout for missing crew members who have been lost at sea. Take along your VMB Card to claim your discount.

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