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Review of Alabama Theatre’s “The South’s Grandest Christmas Show”

By Vacation Myrtle Beach

Alabama Theatre The South's Grandest Christmas ShowRecently I had the chance to attend the Alabama Theatre’s annual Christmas show. Entitled “The South’s Grandest Christmas Show,” a variation of this show has been going on during the holiday season throughout the years.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew there would be singing and dancing and of course I knew there would be Christmas-related music, costumes and backdrops.

Now that I have seen the show I have two words for it: impressive and crowd-pleasing.

I say impressive, because it went way beyond what I was expecting. The singers were talented to say the least, the choreography showcased the skills of the performers and the lighting and stage were beyond what I could have imagined in a Myrtle Beach Christmas show.

Attendees of the show will have the chance to hear the amazing voices of award-winning singers. From Cyndi Wheeler, who has performed duets on three Grammy nominated albums to Steve Gannon, who has toured nationally with Les Miserables and has sung back up with Barry Manilow, this cast is one of the most talented in the area.

Throughout this Myrtle Beach holiday show they perform a variety of musical pieces, from country to soul to rock, which truly makes this show a crowd-pleaser as it has something for everyone.

Each musical number is different from the previous. Each carries its own musical style as well as dazzling costumes worn by the performers. Some are performed as duets, some as solos, while others are group efforts.

In addition to amazing musical voices, the South’s Grandest Christmas Show at the Alabama Theatre also boasts talented house musicians who play everything from the grand piano to the saxophone to the electric guitar.

There’s no lip-synching or recorded track here – the show is original and honest. It covers both traditional Christmas songs as well as modern takes on the holiday and spirit surrounding it.

There are two pieces of the show that stood out to me the most. One was a musical piece where performers dress up as toy soldiers danced on a giant keyboard, creating part of the music for the song. They hit each note on time without stumbling over each other. It’s a feat that is too hard to put into words that is best to be experienced first-hand.

The second that stood out to me was during the second half of the show. The lights on stage were dimmed as the members of the band came out with tops that changed color and lit up rapidly with the changing music while at the same time the stage and surrounding area did the same. The stage, which was adorned with a giant Christmas tree, fireplace and majestic staircase and banister, pulsed with the music at pace that kept my eyes moving with the song.

Great for all ages, this show will get you into the holiday spirit and I highly recommend it. It runs most days at 7:30 p.m. with matinees on select days through December 31.

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I hope you have the most wonderful time with the holidays as you enjoy the Christmas spirit in Myrtle Beach!

-Julia, Vacation Myrtle Beach

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